One of our core tenets as a company always has been to support artists and their work. Each of us here is either an artist or has close ties to the world of music, so helping artists is part of our company DNA. Since our inception, professional artists, producers and engineers have helped tell the story of Asterope and our products through what we call the “Asterope Artist Program.” This is an important aspect of understanding the company, so I thought it would be useful to describe a little about the program.

We began our artist program by including some of our close friends and associates in Nashville.  Our CEO, Dariush Rad, was a recording artist and producer in Nashville, and was able to reach out to some of his fellow artists and close friends, many of whom are world-class session players and engineers.  The program quickly branched out from there to a host of professionals and industry leaders. 

To add new artists to our fold, we’ve held events in Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles to introduce local artists to Asterope. Attendees at these events were given a chance to try out Asterope products and share their reactions on video. Here’s a look at some of their reactions:

We are planning future, similar events in New York City and London.  

Professional artists understand the importance of the instrument cable to their tone.  They appreciate the greater clarity, bandwidth and harmonic response they get when using Asterope, whether in the recording studio or in a live environment.  Today, Asterope products can be heard on GRAMMY award-winning albums, on TV shows and on tour with some of the world’s most popular artists, thanks to our many Asterope artists.