As we begin planning for Summer NAMM, we thought it would be worth a look back at the incredible Summer NAMM listening event from 2018 and share some memories from that special night. The event was held at the famed Ocean Way recording studio and it gave our world-class artists, friends and industry colleagues a chance to meet, talk and build rapport with each other. They also got to experience the unique performance characteristics our audio cable technology from one end of the recording spectrum to the other – from our instrument cables, XLRs and head-to-cab cables all the way to the speaker cables feeding the sound to the listeners.

We were joined that night by world-class artists, engineers, photographers and industry leaders, including Billy Harvey, Tony Gerber, Phil Brown, photographers Ed Rode and Alan Messer, GRAMMY award-winning mastering engineer Dave McNair and many others. We are so proud to be associated with such world-class talent. We listened to Billy’s latest album, The Arsonist, which was recorded end-to-end through Asterope cables. We also listened to Asterope President Dariush Rad’s self-produced and performed solo album, Transcendent Agenda.

It was a magical evening.