Head to Cab and Speaker Solutions


Head to Cab and Speaker Solutions

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Head to Cab and Speaker Solutions

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Asterope's Speaker products dramatically enhance the sound of any amplification system!  These unique and somewhat heavier products deliver a fuller, rounder and richer sonics while still preserving the warm mids and clean highs that are indicative of Asterope's signature sound.

Asterope's Speaker solutions provides revolutionary performance characteristics that far surpass any other product on the market.  Upgrade your amp with an Asterope Head to Cab or Combo Pigtail Harness... it's the most cost effective investment you can make in your overall tone.  These cables are built with extensive braided shielding, non metallic connector barrels... reducing reflection, a durable exterior jacketing to protect the integrity of the architecture of the conductors, ultra-pure silver solder, and undergo a proprietary process to increase clarity and enhance electron flow.  NOTE: Asterope cables are DIRECTIONAL >>

With an Asterope Pro Speaker Cable, you'll get a solution that not only is crafted for premium sound quality, but also brings out the true tonal character of your instrument. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this cable will deliver enhanced harmonic and frequency response with its patented solid core, ultra-clarity nickel connector. One of our favorite features is its extra durable, full flex, pressurized PVC jacketing, which helps provide superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance. Basically, you'll probably never need - or want - to replace your Asterope Speaker Cable.

Asterope Speaker Cable Features at a Glance:

  • Rugged 16AWG speaker cable with 1/4" straight connectors
  • Nickel connectors for durability and excellent conductivity
  • 95% cross-braided tin copper shielding for outstanding resistance to noise and interference
  • Directional twin-axial 99.9% ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper for exceptional signal transmission
  • Unique barbed-collar bracket reliefs ensure years of reliable performance
  • Extra durable, full-flex, pressurized PVC jacketing provides superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance
  • All components designed and manufactured in the USA

Get the most out of your instrument and your amplifier with an Asterope speaker solution!