Pro Mini Jack Auxiliary Cable

Pro Mini Jack Auxiliary Cable

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Asterope has announced its first auxiliary audio cable, the latest application of its breakthrough audio technology, ideal for use in recording environments, the growing DJ market, as well as consumer use in the home or car.  The new auxiliary cable (stereo mini-jack) is another example of the dynamic flexibility of Asterope’s technology, allowing users to easily connect iPhones, iPads and other devices to sound systems.  For the first time, consumers can enjoy Asterope’s greater clarity, bandwidth and harmonic response in settings from the home to car to the dance floor. 

With an Asterope Auxiliary Cable, you'll get a cable that not only is crafted for premium sound quality, but it also enhances the spatial and dimensional aspects of your source. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this cable will deliver enhanced harmonic and frequency response with its patented solid core, ultra-clarity connector. One of our favorite features is its extra durable, full flex, pressurized PVC jacketing, providing superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance.

Great for:

• DJ Source to Speaker
• EDM Artists
• Source to Auto Connection
• Source to Computer Connection