After announcing its official entrance into the Pro Audio market this July at Summer NAMM, Asterope rapidly has begun equipping premier studio owners in Nashville, Austin and LA with top-of-the-line home studio solutions.

In addition to Asterope's standard 1/4" and XLR cables, customers can now choose from various interconnect, speaker, DSub and breakout solutions--including most connector configurations--through the company's custom shop in Austin, Texas.

A number of professional recording, home recording and mastering studios, as well as leading engineers and producers, have installed Asterope end-to-end throughout their recording and listening environments. For example, Asterope recently rewired the entire recording studio for Kirk Covington, drummer from Tribal Tech and recording studio owner.

Asterope has completely changed the sonic landscape in my studio. When I first heard the difference, I was speechless.
— Kirk Covington

Acclaimed guitarist Michael Spriggs recently acquired an XLR-TRS 'Snake' for his home studio. Asterope studio snakes can be configured to custom length and connector specifications and can be wrapped in Techflex sleeving upon request. They provide a convenient solution for studios that require a lot of cabling but desire a compact and consolidated product.

Asterope's line of studio kits provide substantial sonic enhancements both for new home studio owners and those who are seeking to upgrade their equipment. Studio kits are offered in three lines: Home, Classic and Premium. Each of the lines include a mix of instrument, microphone and speaker cables to meet the needs of various settings.

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Asterope's XLR and TRS-XLR cables particularly are receiving rave reviews as near-field monitoring solutions for home studios. The bandwidth and harmonic response of the cables opens up the sound of studio monitors, providing increased clarity and filling possible "dead areas" of the studio. The kits are packaged in a rugged carrying case and allow customers to cost-effectively order a complete set of products for their performance or recording environment.