Asterope has signed a number of new dealers to its distribution channel over the last 12 months, both in the US and internationally, broadening the company’s global sales footprint.  The new dealers have chosen to carry Asterope audio cables because of their outstanding quality, Asterope’s superior customer service, and the excellent profitability dealers can achieve with the company’s premium products. 

Dealers are carrying a variety of Asterope’s products for both musical instrument and Pro Audio customers, including ¼-inch instrument cables, XLRs for standard microphone configurations, TRS to XLR for near-field monitors and Head-to-Cabinet speaker cables, RCA interconnects and Asterope Amplifier Speaker Harnesses, which allow customers to retrofit their current amplifier’s internal speaker wire, greatly improving its overall performance. 

“Last summer, we began managing our distribution channels directly,” said Dariush Rad, Asterope CEO.  “As our product line expanded, we’ve found that having a single point of contact for all our products is a more efficient way to manage the sales and production process.  We’re delighted by the response of our new dealers and look forward to providing them with the products and resources they need to be successful.”

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