Asterope's revolutionary approach to designing and building wiring solutions is now affording OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) a clear and competitive advantage in the market.  Regardless of the application... Asterope products will dramatically enhance the performance characteristics of any audio electronic component. Amplifier builders, luthiers, as well as pedal and microphone manufacturers are all discovering just how critical "wire" is.  Let Asterope develop a wiring harness for you and experience why your products sound better when "Wired with Asterope".

I have been building amps for 20 years. I had no idea that “wire” could make such a difference. When I wire an amp with Asterope, it’s like there’s additional voltage in the signal, it just opens everything up. It’s like removing a 2 inch blanket from your cabinet that you didn’t know existed. It provides a much cleaner and more dynamic sound. Wiring with Asterope totally enhances and electrifies the sound of our products
— Phil Jamison President, Matchless Amplifiers