Asterope cables are being adopted by respected studios around the world. Asterope's Pro Audio line includes custom built 1/4" Instrument Cables, XLRs, TRS to XLRs, Line Level, RCA Interconnects, D-Sub Solutions and varying Speaker Solutions.

STUDIO KITS allow users to cost effectively purchase a complete "wiring solution" for performance and recording needs, regardless of the scale of the facility or the complexity of the rig, running Asterope in just a few critical paths will dramatically improve the overall sound of your room, your recordings, and your final mixes. Customize your own kit with the following base prices:

Home Studio Kit $500
Classic Studio Kit $1000
Premium Studio Kit $1500

NOTE:  Asterope does not sell in bulk.  Additional "raw cable" is available on qualifying custom pro audio and install orders. For custom wiring and install please contact: or call 866.466.1115

Asterope upgraded the monitoring in my studio in a significant way. The frequency response is more even, the bass is warmer and more defined, and the top is more open and spatial. The overall sound has greater clarity and balance, and is simply more musical. I travel with a pair of Asteropes regardless of where I’m working.
— Kelly Donnelly, Engineer/Producer: Eric Johnson, Mike Stern