Renowned Nashville based recording engineer, Bil VornDick, recently won a Grammy (his ninth) for his engineering/mixing work on the Earls of Leicester’s self-titled release paying homage to the music of Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys. Bil used Asterope speaker cables from the monitor to his speakers during the making of the album.

Bil VornDick  Photo by  Ed Rode

Bil VornDick

Photo by Ed Rode

Here's what Bil had to say on what the project means to him:

“I listened to Flatt and Scruggs' music in my youth and then got to do sound at many of the festivals that Flatt played…even mixed the Earl Scruggs Review at a festival in Maryland. So not only was I a fan of the music, but I had the pleasure of recording my friends playing that heartfelt music for the album. [It’s] one of the projects I will always remember and hold dear to my heart. So, I wanted it to sound real as the players all performed the song(s) live.”

Watch Bil discuss his interests and journey in music here: